Tools for True Love

What is the best possible way to increase intimacy, affection and connection? Conflict and confrontation are part and parcel of a relationship. But you need to move on. Nevertheless, you and your partner deserve a committed relationship that is built on trust, commitment and security. More often than not, you end up taking things for granted, and never put the relationship on priority.

This, of course, is a litmus test for your relationship and to save it, you will have to find a way out. Perhaps, this is where you can count on us at Couples. Solutions.

How to Build a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship is the foundation of what is considered a happy life. But what should you do to make it work? This is where we come up with solutions that will help you reconnect. Having spent 30 years together, we know what it takes to change the dynamics of a strained relationship. We are Robin and Michael of Couples. Solutions, and you can always connect with us to learn about creating a strong relationship.

The definition of healthy relationship will be different for almost every couple. In fact, there is no one size fit all answer to address the recurring problems. We have had our own share of problems and it forced us to work hard through circumstances that would be a point of no return for most relationships. However, there are some key elements that you should factor in.

Here’s What You Need to Do:

    • Proper Communication:  If you wish to stick together, communication is essential.  You need to be honest, and forthcoming with your thoughts and feelings. You must also make a conscious effort to listen and understand your partner’s perspective. And that’s what we did.

    • Spending Quality Time: Most of us lead busy lives, which leaves little room for connection. Hence, you must focus on spending quality time together, just to regain the trust and affection.

    • Conflicts & Resolution:  Conflicts and disagreements are bound to happen. Nevertheless, you must try and find a way out. Conflict resolution is a must to rebuild the relationship. A few compromises here and there can be very helpful.

Why Couples. Solutions?

Sometimes, even the strongest relationships needs a bit of help. Well, in that case, at Couples.Solutions., we offer a wide range of services to support you with:

    • Couples Therapy: A safe and confidential space to develop healthy coping mechanisms, and strengthen your bond.

    • Workshops: Learn about conflict resolution strategies, and reignite the spark in your relationship.

    • Online Resources: Articles, tips, and exercises to help you build a happier and healthier relationship.

 Are you willing to take the next step?

 Connect with Couples. Solutions today! We’re here to help you create a strong and fulfilling relationship.

Relating can be a hassle
Even though you love them a passel
You start off real nice
But then you think twice:
Did I make a mistake?
Is there no give and take?

Joy’s hard to find
When you’re losing your mind
It’s hard to know
Which way to go
Things are so fraught
My efforts are naught
How can I make things better?

I heard about this class
And figured… I would pass
But then, I thought again
If there’s any chance to win
I oughta give it a try
There’s lots of reasons why

Much to my surprise
I found love in my partner’s eyes
Now our life’s so sweet
At last I feel complete